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W H O   A T E   T H E   A R C H I V E ?
Blindside ARI, PHOTO 2024
Wurundjeri Land
Naarm/Melbourne, 2024.

who ate the archive?  is an interactive composting workshop for catalogue hoarders, facilitated by Emily Simek and Joy Zhou, as part of co-worm-ing at Blindside.

Participants were invited to bring in paper-based archival materials, and share a memory of when they pocketed a catalogue or room sheet from an exhibition. Why did you take that home? What is it doing now? These materials were collectively metabolised through conversation and then composted onsite in a worm farm. A liquid fertiliser, produced as an archive of these digested memories, was shared with participants after the closing of the exhibition.

As part of the co-worm-ing process, digital scraps were collected during the session via phone-sharing and a body-camera device, and stashed for future work.

Photography by Astrid Mulder.