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C O - W O R M - I N G 
Public Art Park ‘23, Melbourne Fringe Festival 
Testing Grounds Market Square
Wurundjeri Land
Naarm/Melbourne, 2023.

co-worm-ing is a collaborative digital production with Joy Zhou and a mobile worm farm at Testing Grounds, exploring how to produce digital art through the process of composting.

In a series of digital installations, production materials were locally compiled, collectively consumed, edited and reused over time, much like organic materials in a compost heap. 

The work invites us to consider how we handle large amounts of digital content, what our metabolising processes are, and how nutrient-rich material can be produced using devices that are readily available (like your phone).

1 - 3.  co-worm-ing, single channel video, sound, LED screen on trailer, Testing Grounds. Photography: Astrid Mulder. 
4- 8. co-worm-ing, video walk, duel channel video, hand-held speaker, laptop computer, television, power invertor, car battery, charging cable, worm farm compost system, market trolleys, milk crate, cardboard, ratchet straps, tape. Materials sourced onsite and on loan from household economies in our network. Photography: Astrid Mulder.