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(1991) lives and works in Melbourne, Australia

Simek uses an expanded practice in digital art, sculpture and installation to investigate the genesis of material beings, exploring what constitutes a lifespan and the conditions that sustain ecologies of matter. This work engages with the concept of ‘thing-power’, the idea that all matter is able to affect and be affected. Here materials and technology are approached as collaborators, companions and kin to the artist during the process of creation.

Master of Contemporary Art, VCA (2020-Current)
Graduate Certificate in Visual Art, VCA (2015)
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), Monash University (2013)

2021 Composite, Siteworks, Brunswick
2020 Interbeing, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne

2021  FORT EARTH, Marfa Gallery, Abbotsford (group/upcoming)
2021  Nutrient Cycling, University of Melbourne Southbank Campus Hub (solo)
2021  The Darkest Night, The Old Bar, Fitzroy (group)
2021  From Where I Stand #3, VCA Student Gallery (group)
2021  Limber, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne (solo)
2020 3 x 3, @vcaartspace (group)
2020 Pink Glitch, VCA Project Space (solo)
2019  Street, Noir Darkroom, Coburg (group)
2018  Number 8 is Yellow, The Stables Studio Space, Princes Hill (solo)
2018  Black Cell, The Stables Studio Space, Princes Hill (group)
2015  Graduate Exhibition, VCA Student Gallery (group)
2009 Top Shots, Monash Gallery of Art, Wheeler’s Hill (group)
2008 Top Arts, Ian Potter Center, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (group)