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(1991) lives and works in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia

Emily Simek uses a practice in digital art, sculpture, installation, writing and gardening to explore the conditions that sustain ecologies. Her practice explores relationships within food webs and ecosystems. Living beings and digital technologies are engaged as collaborators during processes in art making.

Emily Simek’s practice cross-pollinates with her work as a paediatric physiotherapist and home gardener. She is a caretaker of a worm farm compost system, and contributor to Patch-Work, a collaborative project at CERES Community Garden.

Pronouns: She/her

Permaculture Design Certificate (2023)
Master of Contemporary Art, VCA (2022)
Graduate Certificate in Visual Art, VCA (2015)
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), Monash University (2013)

2022 Art + Ecology, Centre of Visual Art (CoVA), University of Melbourne
2022 Making Space, Merri-bek City Council
2021 - 22 Compost Residency, Siteworks, Brunswick
2020 Interbeing, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne

Collaborative Projects
2023 Patch-Work, CERES Community Garden, Brunswick East
2023 Quarry Pedagogies Camp: B-roll, The Quarry, Beech Forest
2022 Remix, CERES Community Garden, Brunswick East

Solo Exhibitions
2022 Worm Care, Siteworks, Brunswick
2021  Limber, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
2020 Dispersion, Online Group Practice Event
2020 Pink Glitch, VCA Project Space

Group Exhibitions
2023 Artists Bookworks #4, George Paton Gallery, Melbourne
2023 A sky the colour of a dead channel, Brunswick Temporary, Brunswick East
2022 Future Tense (Merri-bek Summer Show), Counihan Gallery, Brunswick
2022 Evanesce, curated by Centre for Projection Art at Climarte Gallery, Richmond
2022 Projection Art Masterclass, Meat Market Stables, North Melbourne
2021  Composting... MCA Graduate Exhibition, University of Melbourne
2021  Nutrient Cycling, Mud Festival, University of Melbourne
2021  FORT EARTH, Marfa Gallery, Abbotsford
2021  The Darkest Night, The Old Bar, Fitzroy
2021  From Where I Stand #3, VCA Student Gallery
2020 3 x 3, @vcaartspace
2019  Street, Noir Darkroom, Coburg
2018  Black Cell, The Stables Studio Space, Princes Hill
2015  Graduate Exhibition, VCA Student Gallery
2009 Top Shots, Monash Gallery of Art, Wheeler’s Hill
2008 Top Arts, Ian Potter Center, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

2023 What To Do With Agricultural By-Products: An Incomplete Guide, Art + Australia (forthcoming)
2023 The Curator-Farmer, essay, 16 page zine
2022 How to Make Digital Compost, essay, risograph print 12 page zine
2022 Duty of Care: Morwenna Schenck, exhibition text, e-zine
2022 Worm Care, illustrated 8 page zine, collaboration with Leanne Bock

Programs / Development
2023 Public Art Park, Testing Grounds
2023 Emerging Writers Program, Seventh Gallery
2023 Quarry Pedagogies Camp, Beech Forest
2022 Projection Art Masterclass, Centre for Projection Art
2021 Artist Mentorship, George Paton Gallery

Prizes / Grants
2023 Small Project Grant, City of Yarra
2022 Recipient of the Noel Counihan Commemorative Art Award, Counihan Gallery
2021 Lionel Gell Foundation Award, University of Melbourne

Group Facilitation
2022 Guest lecturer, Experimental Textiles, RMIT
2022 Zine making community workshop, Glenroy Festival

Physiotherapy Practice
Senior physiotherapist at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.