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W O R M   C A R E 
8 page zine, second edition, 2023.
10.5 x 14.8cm
Illustrations by Leanne Bock

Worm care is a pocket-sized guide to vermiculture composting at Testing Grounds, Naarm. Zines accompanied a mobile worm farm in residence during a six week creative development lab held for Public Art Park, 2023.

See also: co-worm-ing -- a site-specific collaborative digital production developed for Public Art Park with Joy Zhou and a mobile worm farm in residence.

Digital download here ︎︎︎

1.  worm care, 8 page zine, distributed onsite at Testing Grounds.
2. co-worm-ing, composting video walk through the Queen Victoria Market. Photography: Astrid Mulder.
3 - 5. Mobile worm farm in residence at Testing Grounds: upcycled food grade plastic buckets, vermiculture compost system, dolly.