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Single channel video, artist's laptop computer, stand, charging cable. Recipient of the Noel Counihan Commemorative Art Award, 2022.

Compost continues composting, without end.

In Remix at Counihan Gallery, a psychedelic video plays on a laptop computer. It is a Remix of footage from an endoscopic camera as it worms its way through a bed of compost.1 Through processes in editing, the video continues to digitally decompose into hypersaturated pixels.

Remix is housed within the artist’s personal laptop. This hardware makes up the digital compost bin, whose contents continue to be ‘turned over.’

Remix invites us to consider how media files might circulate within ecosystems, in the same way that organic materials partake in cycles of decay, death, and species evolution.

It asks, how might a compost pile in a garden and computer collectively materialise?

1. See Worm Worlds (2021).