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W O R M   W O R L D S 
Video projection, sound, soft sculpture with cotton fabric and sugar cane mulch, 2021.

Worm Worlds
was presented as part of Composting... at the VCA Graduate Exhibition (2021). Composting... is a body of work that is co-created with a worm farm compost system. In this practice, digital technologies intra-act within nutrient cycles at the site of a compost heap.

In the video Worm Worlds an endoscopic camera worms its way through a bed of compost. The footage has digitally decomposed, a process that is traced by the slippage of pixels in the video projection. The video is accompanied by three soft sculptures and a textural soundscape. The skins of vegetable scraps destined for the compost heap have been 3D scanned, their digital renders printed onto cotton fabric and sewn to form soft pillows filled with sugar cane mulch. The sculptures are offered as a place of rest for visitors. A soft textural soundscape permeates the space, a recording of compost critters made using a contact microphone. Together, these works form a lively assemblage that trace my relationships within a multi-species compost community.

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