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W O R M   C A R E 
Siteworks Canteen and Courtyard
Wurundjeri Land, Brunswick, 2022.

Worm Care
is an exhibition and zine launch in the canteen and courtyard at Siteworks. Framed by an artist residency in the Siteworks community garden, Worm Care explores the relationship between host and guest in a multi-species community. It asks, how can we think with a feminist politics of care to reimagine artist residency programs, drawing upon knowledge of food-webs, family-centred healthcare, maintenance art and permaculture ethics?

The practice of WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is proposed as a speculative framework for artistic learning exchange. This is examined in How to Make Digital Compost, an essay released in zine format, and Becoming-with Worms, a participatory event that involved the careful separation of worms and compost. 

Worm Care is also a pocket-sized illustrated zine. This ‘how-to’ guide to composting at Siteworks will be integrated to orientate new artists in residence, an opportunity for distributed caretaking onsite.

Many Hands Make Light Work is a series of five tea towels used in the Siteworks kitchen, sewn from repurposed cotton fabric and dyed using food scraps and plants from the community garden.

Feed Your Garden, Free Mulch is a linocut print advertisement that is pinned on the canteen notice board. It freely re-distributes materials used by the artist in a previous project (see Composting... 2021).

Cuppa Tea is a set of glass jars containing worm ‘tea’ (liquid fertiliser) collected from the Siteworks compost system and gifted to exhibition attendees

Many Hands Make Light Work
Set of five tea towels: cotton textiles dyed with eucalyptus leaves, marigold flowers, straw flowers, pine needles, onion skins.

Feed Your Garden, Free Mulch
Linocut print on paper, Siteworks canteen notice board.

How to Make Digital Compost
Essay in zine format, 12 page risograph print.

Worm Care
8 page folded zine, illustrations by Leanne Bock.

Cuppa Tea
Worm ‘tea’ (liquid fertiliser) collected from the Siteworks worm compost system, glass jars. 

Becoming-with Worms
Group practice event: harvest of worm castings from a worm compost system at Siteworks.

- Exhibition photography by Astrid Mulder
- Worm Care zine illustration by Leanne Bock
- Emilie Walsh and Doug Webb provided mentoring in printmaking
- Doug Webb and Nicci Jay collaborated in ecodyeing of cotton fabrics
- Risograph zines printed by Glom Press