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R E M I X  -  I N S I D E 

R E M I X  -  O U T S I D E  

R E M I X 
Presented in the group exhibition Evanesce
CLIMARTE Gallery, Wurundjeri Land, Richmond, 2022.
Curated by the Centre for Projection Art.

The term Evanesce means to pass out of sight, memory, or existence and is frequently used in the present, referring to extinction that is enmeshed with the effects of climate change. The exhibition Evanesce brought together artists who are in conversation with climate change through their practices, including work by Yu Fang Chi, Taloi Havini, Autumn Tansey, Emily Simek and Yandell Walton.

Remix is a video and sculptural installation by Emily Simek that re-mixes components of a body of artwork called ‘Composting’ (2021-22). Composting is used as an expanded artistic methodology. This involves remixing and the decomposition of digital and physical materials together with practices in community gardening. The caretaking of a worm farm compost system forms an integral part of this process. Art making and gardening activities both add scraps to a (digital-organic) compost heap which coalesces into an evolving set of artworks over time.

The exhibition is accompanied by the Evanesce E-Zine with contributions by Sophie Cai (Writer) Diego Ramirez (Writer) Katie West (Writer) and Juliet Miranda Rowe (Designer).

Inside: Photography by Astrid Mulder
1. Remix, soft sculptures with digital prints on cotton and sugar cane mulch, 2022. Pictured alongside Habitat: Konawiru, single channel video, Taloi Havini, 2016.
2. Remix, 2022. 
3. Remix, 2022. 
4. Remix, 2022. Pictured alongside Intertwine, Yu Fang Chi, 2021-2022. 
5. Remix, 2022.

1. Remix, street view, single channel video projection and video on television screen, 2022. 
2. Remix, video still, 2022. 
3. Remix, single channel video on television screen, 2022.
4. Remix, video still, 2022.