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P A T C H - W O R K   •   I N D I G O   
CERES Community Garden
Wurundjeri Land, Brunswick East
Summer, 2023.

Patch-Work is a collaborative project with Merri Cheyne that engages with the community garden as a place for collective practice.

In this event, Indigo leaves were harvested from Merri’s garden plot and used to dye repurposed textiles with CERES Community Gardening Group and friends.

1. Merri harvesting Indigo leaves in her plot at CERES Community Garden
2. Indigo salt rub dye method using fresh leaves 
3. Dyer’s hands
4. Silk with Indigo
5. Iris hanging textiles
6. CERES Community Gardening Group and friends: Jo, Sian, Susan, Emily, Lester, Merri, Rebecca, Dee, Pia, Shiho, Anthony, Tarone, Iris, Trevor.  
Photography by Trevor Prasad.