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Digital Residency
George Paton Gallery
1st - 31st July 2020

Interbeing is a 3D digital organism that grew via daily acts of sculpting during a one month residency at George Paton Gallery. Created using the 3D modelling program ZBrush, the digital organism began as a nuclei and expanded via daily additions to form a complex rhizome. As it grew, it’s slippery limbs branched outwards to form clusters like microorganisms in the early stages of evolutionary development.

Interbeing framed my process of art-making as the development of a symbiotic relationship between the self and digital organism. My acts of sculpting and editing via the program ZBrush became substitute for the provision of sustenance and grooming which enable the entity to thrive. In turn, the organism functioned online with myself as a beneficiary. This relationship is a framework used to re-evaluate the power relations between user and technology. Contextualised within the COVID-19 pandemic and an increased dependence on digital platforms, Interbeing subverts these dynamics to question what the digital matter needs from the artist to survive.