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H O T   C O M P O S T   H O M E   T O U R
Seventh Gallery
Wurundjeri Land neighbouring Boonwurrung Land
Richmond, 2024

Hot Compost Home Tour is an upcoming home-based touring exhibition curated by artists and gardeners living in Naarm, produced with Seventh Gallery.

In this pre-tour workshop by Emily Simek and Doug Webb, participants were invited to make DIY tour merch by screen printing a tour t-shirt design onto their own clothes. The workshop explored self-publishing in support of alternative exhibition practices.

The print is a collaborative design by Merri Cheyne, Anna Dunnill, Eric Jong, Mei Sun, Emily Simek and Doug Webb, and uses doodling and hand writing as accessible entry points to DIY design.

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text by Calia O’Rourke


Hot Compost Home Tour
is an off-site exhibition series by Emily Simek in collaboration with Merri Cheyne, Anna Dunnill, Eric Jong, Mei Sun and Doug Webb. The home-based tour explores composting as an approach to exhibition practice. Using relational ethics as a framework, the project considers the conditions of the various exchanges that ‘create’ compost: how and where does it come to exist? How are different collaborators implicated? Instead of a purely material process, composting becomes about the work of relationships within systems of exchange.

Photography by Liv McGregor.
Screen printing led by Doug Webb.
Participants: Rebecca, Lester, Emmeline, Madi, Ruby, Jacqui, Jacinta, Kalina, Elanora, Clare, Elsie, Ella, Lily, Alex, Mei, Arend, Greg, Lucia, Calia, Kara, Liv, Merri, and Lucie.