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C O M P O S T I N G    A R T I S T    R E S I D E N C Y
Siteworks, Brunswick, March 2021 - ongoing.

is an ongoing artist residency project at Siteworks in Brunswick. A worm farm compost system has been built in the Siteworks garden. Kitchen waste is ingested by worms and decomposes to form a rich humus. Simultaneously, an evolving collective of digital compost is accumulated using processes in 3D scanning and rendering. This forms mounds of slippery pixels that disintegrate and re-emerge as various art works. The residency explores the cross-pollination of matter from these two compost systems, digital and physical, as they feed into each other via recursive processes in the recirculation of materials.

> Worm farm in recycled bathtub, Siteworks, 2021
> Compost, Siteworks, 2021 
> Compost, Siteworks, 2021
> Worm wee collected in jars, Siteworks, 2021